Copyright and its importance


Copyright carries special importance for people who create their own stuff. Creativity contains value and it needs to be protected. Copyright laws are the laws that protect the creativity of people. This creativity can be in any form, that includes writing, painting, singing, publishing, filmmaking etc.

Need to get copyright protection:

Whether you are a singer, writer, publisher or a musician, you need to protect your work. The basic reason for having copyright protection is to provide security to the creator of the new idea. Idea is the basic thing and it needs to be protected otherwise it would get stolen and anyone can start using it for the sake of their own good. One should use these copyright laws to make sure that their work never goes intothe wrong hands and no one uses it without their permission. This allows the creator to have some control over their work and allow them to make money from their idea without letting anyone interfere with it.

What does that mean?

By protecting your content with copyright law, you ensure that you are the only person who is eligible to copy, edit or use the work for the sake of promotion or earning money and no other person is allowed to do so without your prior approval. Copyright law confirms that the income originated from a particular thing goes only to the pocket of the real owner and none of the other person who is using it by means of cheating.

The Benefits of getting legal protection:

There are a number of benefits of getting legally register your content against copyright law. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • It is an asset of yours
  • It allows only you to use your work
  • It gives you and your work a complete sense of protection
  • It can be used in case of disputes
  • It ensures your income

Timeline of Copyrighted item:

It is an important thing and most people are not aware of this thing, generally in US a 50 year timeframe is available. It means that the law will provide protection for a period of 50 years. In the meantime, if you want to transfer your rights to someone else, say your children, you can do so. You can give them all your rights and can allow them to use your work as you would have used it for your own good. In this way they become legally rightful to the income generating from that work.

Copyrighting motivates the creator.

At cyberique, we understand and respect the talent and hard work of our clients. We make sure that the original work of our clients is protected. Motivation is the most important element of doing any business. Even if you are doing a job or internship, if you have no motivation behind, you would not be able to continue your work diligently. Protecting your original work legally helps you get the level of motivation that is necessary. You get the feeling of being protected and no one in the whole world is going to cheat your work. This helps your creative mind and allows you to focus on your work.


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